Newsletter 49

These Muslims Are Praying In A Basement While Fighting To Get...

June 30, 2016
Muslims in Bayonne, New Jersey, have wanted an Islamic center and prayer hall for nearly two decades — they currently pray in the cramped basement of an elementary school...

This place of worship would be 3-in-1: Church, synagogue and mosque

June 30, 2016
A group of Christians, Muslims and Jews join hands to build a place where they can all worship: Berlin's "House of One" is aiming to become the first building to combine a church,...

Va. Republican, Trump supporter apologizes for anti-Muslim tweets

June 29, 2016
A new member of Virginia’s Republican State Central Committee apologized for posting anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric on Twitter and Facebook — much of which echoed incendiary...

German court rules against headscarf curbs for law students

June 30, 2016
A court in Bavaria has ruled against restrictions on wearing headscarves for law students who are undergoing practical training in the justice system in the German state.
Seminars & Conferences

Introduction to Islamic Ethics

Date: 18-19 Feb 2017
Introduction to Islamic Ethics, 18-19 February, through the University of Oxford’s Department of Continuing Education weekend course. This weekend course will explore the traditional basis of Islamic ethics and how we might apply some of the key elements of this understanding...

Muslims in America

Date: 4-6 Nov 2016
SAMLA 88 — This panel intends to examine the works of Muslim American poets, novelists, jazz musicians, punks, hip hop artists, hipsters, filmmakers, and visual artists. Muslims are woven into the American fabric, from the generations of Moorish slaves accompanying the conquistadors in the Southwest, enslaved West Africans...

Workshop on Islamophobia in the East of the European Union

Date: 23-24 Oct 2016
The workshop is organized by Dr. Ivan Kalmar (University of Toronto, Department of Anthropology) and will explore questions about Islamophobia in eastern Germany, Poland ...

FOSIS 53rd Annual Conference

Date: 15-17 Jul 2016
The FOSIS Annual Conference is the largest gathering of Muslim students in the UK - it's the place where the next generation of Muslim leaders come together under one roof for three days to discuss the future of the Federation and community.

Researching Religious Controversies Conference

Date: 31 Oct - 2 Nov 2016
This Conference aims to discuss and delve into a range of themes and challenges that researchers may face when studying religious controversies, not least with regards to disseminating research findings to the wider public. The conference is organized and funded by CoMRel...
Islamic Studies
& Projects

Muslim Politics & Governance of Islam: A Research Project by Fafo

This project addresses how Muslim political thought in Europe is affected by societal structures, and, conversely, how the development of societal structures in Europe is affected by Muslim politics and activism.

Institute of Islamic Studies

McGill University's Institute of Islamic Studies was founded, along with the Islamic Studies Library (ISL), in 1952, and since 1983 both have been housed on the main campus in Morrice Hall. Until 1 June 2001, the Institute was a teaching unit of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research...

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